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Welcome to the Church and Tower of St. George's Castle.
Over the years, this space was closed and forgotten having undergone a process of accelerated degradation, both at the level of its building, as well as its artistic filling.
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During the tower’s adjustment works, whose goal was to allow a better access to it, whilst seeking to provide enhanced comfort and safety for the visitors, a decision was made to remove two of the four bells, which comprise the belfry of the Church Tower of the Saint George castle.

With this decision, a broader and clearer vision was obtained, thus becoming a genuine moment of contemplation over the Tagus river and all the surrounding environment, a romantic and enthralling view which has lasted for centuries, one that was always there and one that we now introduce.

The placement of the tower’s largest bell at the center of the store became a wish to everyone who was working on the site’s remodeling project, as they did not want to see the bell falling into oblivion somewhere else, or being forgotten in a church’s annex. The goal then was to keep cherishing it but with a different role. Today, when visiting our store, the visitor will be able to feel the brass, to find the inscriptions, the date when it was placed in the tower, its colors and textures, in two words: its magnificence and meaning.

You can seize this opportunity and take with you a small replica of the largest bell of the Church Tower of the Saint George castle; hence, whenever you look at it, you will remember that, this one, is a bell which not only tolled the hours, but also periods of sorrow and grief, as the departure of a loved one, but it emphasized even more the moments of joy, such as those just-married couples.

Looking forward to giving all who visit us a thorough knowledge about the Church and the Tower of the Saint George castle, we provide a set of diversified activities, which will take you back in time to treasure moments of pure joy, discovery and thrill.